Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Special "K" Strawberries

12 more pounds of strawberries were picked this weekend. Last weekend we got them for $1.00 a pound, which I thought was a good price. This weekend they were $0.50 a pound! Six dollars for twelve pounds of strawberries!! You gotta love a bargain.
There's now three more large freezer bags of frozen whole strawberries, another large jar of strawberry sauce, and the rest were put in the dehydrator to make dry strawberries like you get in cereal.
They didn't dry quite the same. I would think the cereal type are definitely dried another way, but they'll do for us.
It's amazing how things shrink when dehydrated. This is all we got from five full trays.
Maybe this weekend I should go pick more. I wonder what the price will be?

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