Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homemade Wine????

I am not quite a wine purist.   I like my wine sweet...and cheap.   Box wine is a wonderful buy because each box holds something like 5-6 bottles of wine.  A box is usually less that $12.00 so that equals out to $2.00 per bottle or so.

While shopping on eBay one time I came across WonderWine.  Homemade wine in a box.   Hmmmmmmmm.  I purchased two and made them.  The loganberry turned out OK. The grape did not.

Last night I decided to give it another try. 

The idea of WonderWine is to be able to make wine in 2-litre soda bottles.   Inside the box are three packets - flavor, yeast, and clarifier.   All you need to add is sugar and water.   You will also need two pieces of saran wrap and two rubber bands.   The instructions show how much sugar to add dependent upon your tastes.  

Here's what I did:  

  • Take two 2-litre bottles and wash them.
  • According to the package directions add all of your sugar to one bottle. 
    (Since I like a sweeter wine I added 4 1/2 cups of sugar.)
  • Open the flavor packet and add to the bottle with the sugar.
  • Add hot water to the bottle with the sugar and flavor until it is 3/4's full.
  • Put lid on and shake until sugar and flavor are dissolved.  (This did not take long.)
  • Divide the contents evenly between the two bottles.
  • Fill the two bottles up the rest of the way with cold water.
  • Open the yeast packet and divide evenly between the two bottles.
  • Cover the openings with saran wrap and tighten with a rubber band.
  • Let sit for 6 weeks or so until the bubbles have stopped fizzing.  At that point you will add the clarifier and let sit for another period of time.

Here's how my two bottles looked right after adding the yeast.  You can see it floating in the liquid. 

This flavor is peach.   I'll update periodically to let you know where the process is at.  

I hope this one turns out...... I still have two more boxes at home and I'd hate to waste them.

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  1. I made Wonderwine as a 16yr old in Nova Scotia Canada. I eventually had a real production line going with many large flagons secretly brewing in our family home's warm attic. I used to sell it to my mates out the window of my bedroom. My buddies called me the BootleggerI got to point where I was making my own Wonderwine Champagne. Until one fateful day when one of my Champagne bottles exploded causing a chain reaction and drenching my sister's special clothes and costumes with smelly red fermenting gunk. The business closed that day except for one special bottle that I made and smuggled into our high school. It brewed for a year in my school locker and was there to be shared at the final school prom. Other kids had their booze confiscated at the entrance to the school. I was very popular that night. Cheers, John