Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coconut yogurt....kinda

I do not have the patience of a saint.  Fact.   This was discovered in my attempt to make coconut milk to use in making coconut crockpot yogurt.

Coconut meat and shells

Coconut water

I started off with two brown coconuts and one young coconut and cracked them open and poured out the water. 


As you can see there was a LOT of work to be done to get the meat off of the shell.   I really need to figure out a better way to do this because after 80% of the way through I was not as neat and tidy about cleaning off the rind since I knew it was going to go in the Vita Mix.

Pulpy mixture of coconut yogurt

Unfortunately, the Vita Mix can only do what it is given to work with.   I must have had a LITTLE bit too much rind remaining on the coconut meat and it gave it a very grainy consistency. I personally liked it, but I knew that it would never do for the rest of my family.   It went into the crockpot anyway and did make a yogurt, albeit grainy.  

I'm not one to try to waste anything - I'll try and turn a mistake into something productive.    For some reason my children call them "Mom's Experiments"?????


Coconut milk ice cubes!
So here's a picture of my coconut yogurt that was frozen into ice cube trays.   Easy-peasy to grab out of a freezer bag and throw into smoothies.

Ha!  Chalk up one for Mom's Experiments!

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