Thursday, May 31, 2012

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We are out of milk again?!

My kids can go through milk. I seldom buy soda, and that's usually only when we are having people over. We're more of a milk, ice tea, water and orange juice family... when I can afford it. The girls like 1%, my son likes 2%, and I like the coconut, rice, and almond types, although they are beginning to like those too.

So now we are out of ALL milk again and my daughter has my car at work and won't be home until later. As I'm learning my frugal and thrifty ways I thought maybe I could make some. There's some powdered milk in the pantry but I've never been a fan of that even though I know it will do in a pinch.

With my trusty little Internet search I saw that it looked simple to make homemade almond, rice, or coconut milk and I've got all the supplies for it and a Vita-Mix!

Here's my rice and coconut milks so far. In each measuring cup I have one cup of almonds or coconut to four cups of water. I used regular tap water instead of distilled or spring so we'll have to see how it turns out.

closeup of the dried coconut and water ready to be blended in the Vita-Mix.  I blended on high for 2 minutes....
 Almond milk blending away!

Once the milks were blended I poured them through a coffee filter (no cheesecloth in the house) and put the milk in the fridge in an empty gallon milk container.    I didn't get as much as I originally thought I would so I made a second batch of almond milk.   The three batches filled up the gallon container a little more than half way.

This was my first attempt and it's not quite like store-bought almond or coconut milk.  But I'll definitely try this again.

OH...and as a side note!  With the leftover coconut and almond pulp that I saved from filtering I made excellent muffins.   I added eggs, sugar, coconut oil, baking soda and oatbran to the pulp and tossed them in the oven to bake.  They turned out scrummy!   Now that I know they taste good I'll post the recipe next time I make another batch of milk!