Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Go Pick Your Own

A picking craze has started.    After seeing strawberry prices in the grocery store and at roadside stands it was decided a road trip was in order to find a pick-your-own place.  Luckily one was in the area.   Although it was a little mushy due to recent rains we were able to pick almost 10 pounds each and had a great time.  

Note to self:   DON'T drink a lot of coffee before going strawberry picking.  

The strawberries smelled wonderful in the car on the way home.  Since they were so fresh and had recently experienced getting wet from the rain I wanted to do something with them right away.

Some got devoured by the kids and there are now two huge bags in the freezer.   I simply laid them on cookie sheets for an hour until frozen and then put in Ziploc bags.   Freezing them this way keeps them separate and un-clumpy.   Very easy to grab for smoothies or deserts.
The rest of the strawberries were either cooked
into pancakes or boiled with sugar to a thick consistency.  This was used as a syrup
for the pancakes.   It's also delicious with the homemade yogurt or added to cold water for a refreshing drink.  

We're going back for more this weekend!

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