Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Mulberry Tree

I've heard of mulberry trees, but I didn't know ABOUT mulberry trees. My neighbor up the street has one. All I really knew was to be careful in that part of the yard so that I wouldn't track it into the house and stain the floor or carpet.

This weekend I was helping in the garden and saw berries in the grass and was told they are mulberries. "Are they edible?". "Yes."

Oh my goodness. Why am I finding these things out now?! Mulberries are delicious and taste like a raspberry, which as we all know, are frightfully expensive.

So off I went crawling along the grass picking mulberries to my hearts content and munching away. After a look of....disgust (?) I was handed a container to fill.

Everyday I go up the street with my colander and pick the berries off of the grass. My neighbors should be used to me walking back and forth, but this probably gives them something new to talk about. When they come home they get rinsed right away and cooked with a little bit of sugar making the most marvelous topping on my homemade yogurt. (more about that later)

I have so much to learn....

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