Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Growing Grubs

This weekend I put more food scraps in the compost bin and noticed some "mealy worms" on top and did a mini-happy dance that I had worms in the compost bin breaking things down.

So I went to my friends house and said, "Hey guess what?  I've got mealy worms in the compost bin.  We can use them next time we go fishing!"

He replied, "They probably are grubs."

Oh.   Oh?

These look something like the grubs in my compost bin.
I didn't take the actual picture of the rotting food scraps
and grubs (mealy worms?) in there in case anyone was
eating while reading this.

This led me to thinking now a few days later. 

Grubs.  Am I now creating a super race of grubs?  Are they going to get all fat and sassy on my food scraps and lawn clippings?  Are they going to escape the compost bin and saunter over to my neighbors yards and move in under their soil?   

Are grubs good for composting or should I .....should I do something?



  1. I hate grubs. Grubs like my veggie garden too much.....

  2. I know grubs wreak havoc in my flower beds.

  3. Grubs eat roots.....and the robins love them